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How to register with CORU in Ireland?

about 2 years ago

How to register with CORU in Ireland?

What is CORU?

CORU is the Health and Social Professions Council in Ireland. They are responsible for regulating health professions and validating qualifications outside of Ireland.

These professions include:

  • Clinical Biochemists

  • Dietitians

  • Medical Scientists

  • Occupational Therapists

  • Orthoptists

  • Optometrists

  • Podiatrists

  • Counselors

  • Physiotherapists

  • Psychologists

  • Radiographers and Radiation Therapists

  • Social Care Workers

  • Social Workers

  • Dispensing Opticians

  • Speech and Language Therapists

  • Psychotherapists

 Registers for other professions may follow on a phased basis.

There are currently 2 types of applicants for CORU registration:

  • Transitional Route (S91)

  • Standard Route (S38)

Transitional Route

This registration route is aimed at existing practitioners. During the first two years that a register is open - known as the Transitional Period - existing practitioners can apply for registration and must satisfy the registration board that they meet the requirements for registration.

If you are an existing practitioner, you must complete the application on the CORU website you must provide proof to the relevant Board that:

  • You have been practising the profession for the required amount of time.

  • Hold the relevant qualifications or have successfully completed a competency test.

  • Deemed fit and proper to practise the profession.

You will also need to complete CORU's vetting form.

Standard Route

This route to registration is for:

  • New entrants to the professions in Ireland

  • Graduates

  • Professionals who have been practicing abroad

  • People returning to their profession.

To become registered with CORU you must:

  • Hold an approved qualification;

  • Complete the online application form;

  • Demonstrate that you are fit and proper to practise the profession

  • Provide evidence that you have sufficient knowledge of the language necessary to practise the profession in Ireland - this may include taking a language test.

New entrants with qualifications from abroad must first have their qualifications recognised by CORU before they are eligible to apply for registration.

Benefits of Registering with CORU:

  • You can legally use the title of your profession.

  • The public will have greater confidence in your profession. They will know that your professional standing and qualifications have been independently verified.

  • It also protects the reputation of the professions by having a formal disciplinary procedure for dealing with professionals who do not meet the standards expected of them.

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